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Ever feel like you’re at the end of your rope when it comes to sitting through one more painful presentation?  We’ve all been there as a participant and we remember all too well what that nightmare can be like.

Now…what happens when it’s your turn?  The last thing any of us wants is to inflict similar pain on others when we present.  The tough part is knowing what to do and what to avoid.  Think back to the last seminar or workshop you attended; did the speaker make any of these mistakes:

1. Started out with a platitude (Thanks for inviting me to speak to you today.)

2. Didn’t give you a clear sense of what to expect

3. Didn’t seem aware of your needs

4. Didn’t smoothly transition from one point to the next

5. Didn’t establish rapport with the audience

6. Didn’t seem familiar with how to use equipment or technology

7. Didn’t speak loudly enough to be easily heard

8. Didn’t adjust rate of speech to be easily understood

9. Didn’t pace content and ran over allotted time frame

10. Didn’t face the audience due to turning to look back at a projector screen

This is only a partial list of what to avoid however I’ve included a video clip that includes many more examples.  As a speaker, the goal is to ensure you’re completely aware of your listeners’ needs and strive to take care of them.  By doing so you’re guaranteed to go from a painful presentation to a pleasing presentation.

Mistakes are one of the best ways to learn…Click here to watch video clip

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