We never stop learning and that’s what makes professional development priceless! Even when we know the subject, we may hear a new angle or the presenter may spark a different perspective. For me, knowledge is stimulating especially when it enables me to add value to what I offer my clients.

That’s why I’m excited to make you aware of an upcoming career development seminar on May 31st in Schenectady, New York.  It’s titled: Your Personal Brand: Developing, Implementing and  Marketing For Life, Career and Business Success.

As part of the full-day agenda, I’ll be speaking; my seminar is: The Stand Out Factor: How to Sound Your Best in Business.  I’d love to see you there…feel free to share the experience with your friends and colleagues; all are welcome. click here for event details

Until then, please keep your comments and questions coming in so I can address them in future posts.  This blog is all about you!


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