Ever feel like your communication skills need an occasional “boost”?  I think we all do and yet you may be at a loss as to where to start which leaves you in a bit of a rut.

Ever walk away pondering is it me or is it them? Sometimes this comes about when you go through your routine at work and notice that meetings or contacts don’t quite work out as you’d hoped.  This leaves us feeling frustrated or disappointed.  You can change that.

This brings us to what’s often referred to as the Speaker-Listener Interaction Cycle, which happens to be a topic I frequently address in my workshops.  It’s typically quite well-received because it’s applicable in a multitude of situations. It’s based on understanding the specific responsibilities we have whether we’re speaking or listening.  Yes, effective communication requires a combination of  motivation, dedication and practice.  The good news is that you’ll love the results so it’s well worth your efforts.

Here’s a short article you may enjoy that captures the key points: Click here to read article

Let me know how you’ve boosted your communication skills on the job and I’ll post it on my blog. As always, can’t wait to hear from you.

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