Stay Focused: You Can Train Your Brain

July 28, 2014By Dale KleinDistractions

Back in January of 2013, I posted the following– Multitasking: Mystique or Myth?  If you haven’t seen it, feel free to read it when you have a moment. Our brain is an incredible organ, as I’m sure you’d agree.  The capabilities we possess are extraordinary!  This topic has always been of particular interest to me … Read More

Employee vs. Entrepreneur: Own Your Communication!

July 24, 2014By Dale KleinJob Success|Leadership

Now that I’ve been conducting business communication workshops and coaching professionals since 1994, I often pose the question: Do you consider yourself an employee or a business owner (entrepreneur)?  Often people default to their title as it’s displayed on their business card…and that’s the problem! We’re so much more than our titles, aren’t we?  Why … Read More

30-Second Commercial in 30 Days: Up For The Challenge?

July 17, 2014By Dale KleinGoal-Setting

     This week I conducted a business communication workshop on how to craft a creative, memorable and succinct (CMS) 30-second commercial.  In a mere 60 minutes, the participants learned the following: the most common challenges in responding to the four words: What do you do? The solutions to overcome these challenges and finally, how to … Read More

Global Workforce: How Well Do You Manage Communication Challenges?

July 9, 2014By Dale KleinESL

Did you know that currently 11.5% of the United States population is foreign-born? (Source: American Management Association)  Not only that, but this percentage is on the rise.  As many of you know first hand, this means we’ve become a global workforce, which has immense benefits but also comes with certain challenges.  In order to continue … Read More

Do you sweat about sweating?

July 1, 2014By Dale KleinPersonal Hygiene

Does the expression on this man’s face seem like something you can relate to when it comes to the topic of excessive sweating?  If so, please read on… When we sweat, our bodies secret excessive moisture through our sweat glands and pores.  Typically, this results from being exposed to extremely hot temperatures, over-exertion (e.g. exercising … Read More