This week I conducted a business communication workshop on how to craft a creative, memorable and succinct (CMS) 30-second commercial.  In a mere 60 minutes, the participants learned the following: the most common challenges in responding to the four words: What do you do? The solutions to overcome these challenges and finally, how to create their 30-second commercial by applying and practicing the information they’d absorbed. This hands-on and highly interactive program clearly got people thinking about the impact they can have when using this invaluable skill.

     So was this easy? Of course not; it takes time and a strong motivation to change and improve. The 30-second commercial is a form of public speaking and that immediately evokes fear for some.  It also requires patience with yourself and knowing that the workshop is an excellent first step and isn’t necessarily all that’s needed. Finally, it requires commitment and making the decision that this skill is a priority that will have a significant return on investment (ROI).

      As with any skill that’s new or in need of change, it comes down to making a choice.  Ask yourself how invested you are in taking the necessary action and what it’s worth to you. Could you do it for 30 days?  Here’s a TED talk featuring Matt Cutts on how to make a change in 30 days; seemed appropriate for my workshop on the 30-second commercial.

Click here to watch video

If you’re interested in having me conduct this same workshop at your place of business…please let me know.  It promises to be a sound investment.

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