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Does the expression on this man’s face seem like something you can relate to when it comes to the topic of excessive sweating?  If so, please read on…

When we sweat, our bodies secret excessive moisture through our sweat glands and pores.  Typically, this results from being exposed to extremely hot temperatures, over-exertion (e.g. exercising too much) and of course nervousness or anxiety (e.g. related to public speaking).  Because this symptom commonly occurs when one must speak in public, it has come up with the clients that I coach.

So why is this an issue, you ask?  It may not be a cause of concern for you, however if you’re someone who seems to struggle with frequent perspiration it can be a significant source of embarrassment or humiliation.  In fact, there is a medical term that describes this, which is referred to as hyperhidrosis.  It may surprise you to learn that at least 3% of the global population has this diagnosis, which is about 211 million people!

Since we’re all unique, there isn’t one solution that will meet everyone’s needs.  The first rule of thumb is to seek medical attention; dermatologists are qualified to treat this concern.  In the interim here are 6 additional tips to assist you:

1. Research a safe antiperspirant product

2. Wear clothing that breathes (i.e. cotton vs. synthetics) and ensure it’s not tight-fitting

3. Sip herbal tea that is over ice or has cooled down

4. Avoid foods that are spicy, salty, sugary or contain MSG or caffeine (these may trigger sweat glands)

5. Stay well-hydrated throughout the day by drinking cool water

6. Visit

Excessive sweating can undermine your self-confidence. Anything that does this is problematic when you’re building your communication skills so I recommend that you seek appropriate assistance.

Please send me your thoughts or comments on this topic or another topic of interest when it comes to communication.  I can’t wait to hear from you.


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