Mobile phone

Fact: Our eyes are glued to our devices.

We’ve become fixated with behaviors that include: texting, checking e-mail, downloading our favorite apps, posting on Facebook, Tweeting, updating our LinkedIn profiles, taking selfies, Skyping, browsing Instagram and more.  It’s become increasingly evident that our gadgets control us in terms of  how we communicate and relate to the world around us.  

We’ve become a society that increasingly expects more from technology and ironically expects less from one another.  As impressive as technological advances may be, they truly pale in comparison to the capabilities of humanity.

Have you considered what you’re missing while looking down vs. up?

For starters: seeing the leaves change colors or watching a bird build a nest in your backyard tree, feeling the spray of a nearby waterfall as you hike or the sensation of sand beneath your feet as you stroll on a beach, hearing a friend’s laughter or a significant other say the words I love you.

Let’s start truly communicating with those who matter to us vs. merely counting our “likes, followers and network contacts.”

This touching poem titled Look Up struck me as inspirational; I hope it has the same effect on you.

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