Among the ways to effectively grow your business reputation is to develop strong media relationships.  This may include communicating on radio, TV, in print and via the Internet. It’s best to consider the reporter as your customer.  Therefore, your goal is to be an invaluable supplier.

It may sound simple, however a reporter has a job to do and is turning to you as a resource for his or her target audience.  Typically, you will be one of several individuals contacted because of your reputation within your area of expertise.  You may be well-known in your community, have established yourself through articles or blogs or maybe you were helpful to reporters in the past.  This all bodes well for you and you’ll want to maintain this same caliber of professionalism.  By doing so, you help ensure you’ll be sought out for future stories, which helps to reinforce your brand.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to call on me for assistance.  I’m happy to help you.

So the question is:  Is Your Communication Reporter-Ready?  Take my quiz now to find out how much you know…

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