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Communication counts…if you believe in having loyal customers and running a thriving business.  Many companies believe that communication refers to face-to-face, however how we set up our phone system is certainly a key aspect that can’t be overlooked.

And yet in my daily encounters it’s becoming increasingly rare to call a place of business and have the opportunity to interact with a human being.  While this is certainly a matter of preference, I know I’m not alone in finding it quite frustrating to be trapped in an automated loop that ends up feeling like a maze. This is particularly disturbing when I’m seeking guidance on how to accomplish a task or wish to express a concern.

As technology options increase at an affordable rate, more and more businesses opt to take this route with prospective and existing customers. While efficiency and budget must be considered, there is also a cost associated with automated attendants such as:

a. Alienating Your Customers: frustration may lead to hang-ups and calls to your competitor

b. Confusing Your Customers: unwieldy lists of options may result in callers making incorrect selections because they’re unclear as to what they need to do

c. Wasting Your Customers’ Time: everyone feels their time is at a premium and may not have the concentration or time in their schedule to wade through the menu choices to reach their goal

d.Bottle Necking Due to Malfunctioning: as with any system, it doesn’t always perform as intended and may not yield desired results especially if a contingency plan isn’t in place

As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, I urge you to revisit your use of an automated phone system if one is currently in place or to carefully evaluate the pros and cons if you’re contemplating this choice.  The company that takes this route without first checking with their clients does so at their own peril.  Any business is first and foremost never about us but always about those we serve.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Can’t wait to hear from you…



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