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The four sweet words I’m referring to are: We’ll make it right.  Don’t you like the sound of that?  I know I do and yet it’s rare to hear that from a business when something hasn’t gone as planned.

Recently I hired a carpet cleaning company that I’ve used previously.  Therefore, I didn’t hesitate to give them my business again.  It’s so much easier to deal with someone who has rendered a service to you in the past. After my hallway carpeting was cleaned, I noticed it didn’t look right.  In fact, it looked worse than it did before the cleaning due to blotches of discoloration.

That same week I called to discuss my concerns.  The owner did the following:

1. He listened to me.

2. He stated: We’ll make it right.

3. He scheduled one of his staff to come out the next day to address my concern.

4. He followed through and the next day at the appointed time the staff person arrived and went to work on the carpeting.

After one hour, the discoloration was gone and the carpeting looked wonderful.  The owner kept his word when he said: We’ll make it right.  How refreshing to be able to “check the box” next to this vendor who aimed to please and demonstrated that I was a valued customer.

On occasion we all make mistakes; it’s how we handle those mistakes that matter to our customers.  Help them “check the box” by hearing these four sweet words…We’ll make it right.



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