What’s Your Time Worth?

February 28, 2015By Dale KleinTime|Uncategorized

  Who isn’t busy? Most of us believe that to be the case or at least we’re all saying we’re busy (and then there are those unforeseen events that occasionally crop up).  Whether we are or we aren’t busy it’s safe to say our time is valuable.  This translates into the importance of respecting our … Read More

It’s All About Your Theme!

February 23, 2015By Dale KleinPresentation Skills|Themes

  Picture yourself attending a holiday gathering (e.g. Thanksgiving dinner), a special occasion (e.g. wedding) or a corporate event (e.g. fundraiser).  Think back to the tables at this event and you may recall something that stood out such as a floral arrangement, ice sculpture or signage.  Each of these visuals gave the event a particular … Read More

Right to Write: Power of the Written Word

February 16, 2015By Dale KleinUncategorized

  Most of my clients think of me with regard to sounding their best in business (verbal communication). While this is accurate, the good news is you may also count on me for more!  Let me explain. We would all agree that getting our message across effectively is the foundation of stellar communication, whether it’s … Read More

Speed Networking: The P.O.T. Strategy

February 9, 2015By Dale KleinNetworking|Uncategorized

  At some point in your career you may get invited to participate in speed networking.  Whether this term is new for you or you’re experienced with this format, here’s some information I believe you can put to use. *What is speed networking? Speed networking events are usually organized by a community group (e.g. chamber of … Read More

Heart to Heart Talk: Help vs. Hinder

February 2, 2015By Dale KleinFeedback|Goal-Setting|Job Success|Public Speaking|Special Occasions|Uncategorized

  Happy February!  Since we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, what better time to have a heart-to-heart talk? For some of us, the phrase heart-to-heart  may trigger less than positive associations of having heard input from your boss, employee, colleague, friend or family member that may have caught you off guard or was unwelcome.  UGH!  I hope that’s not … Read More