Happy February!  Since we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, what better time to have a heart-to-heart talk?

For some of us, the phrase heart-to-heart  may trigger less than positive associations of having heard input from your boss, employee, colleague, friend or family member that may have caught you off guard or was unwelcome.  UGH!  I hope that’s not the case, however let’s take a different perspective in this post.

How many times have you found yourself in one of these situations at work: leading a staff meeting, conducting a client meeting, giving a presentation, offering your opinion, accepting an award, being interviewed on radio or TV.  Most of us have had at least one of these experiences.  Typically, we don’t seek feedback or at best we may casually ask: How did I do?  Can you relate?  The real question is how much do you learn from what you hear and is it really of any value if you don’t know how to implement changes.

What if I told you there is a viable alternative available to you right now. That alternative is seeking input from a qualified professional such as a communication coach.  Since I established my business in 1994, I’ve heard many individuals express concern that if they took this step, they’d hear only the worst about themselves and as a result they’d feel “ripped apart!” Now when I hear that remark I’m no longer surprised because it’s a natural fear.  My approach seems to allay that fear.

If you’re wondering what my approach is…here’s your answer:

1. Ask you what your goals are and the extent to which you believe your goals are being achieved.

2. After either directly or indirectly (recorded sample) observing you, I let you know what you’re doing well that seems to be working for you.  This is vitally important so you can replicate these behaviors in the future.

3. If you exhibit any distracting behaviors that don’t work well toward achieving your goals, I identify these in a specific way so you can improve your skills with my guidance and assistance.

4. Once we go through this process, the ultimate goal in my approach is to have you learn how to self-assess so you can confidently move forward and become autonomous.

Based on what I’ve described, this is my version of a heart-to-heart talk.  It’s all about helping you, which is what I do best.  So this Valentine’s Day how about giving the gift of a communication coaching heart-to-heart either to yourself or to someone about whom you really care?

Can’t wait to hear from you…




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