Curious what others think of your presentation?

August 25, 2015By Dale KleinFeedback

Everyone has an opinion and that applies to your presentation. One of the biggest mistakes my clients tend to make is not being curious about what others think or fearing that information.  The reason I say that’s a mistake is that it’s impossible to improve in the absence of feedback.  That means the real question … Read More

Is Your Water Intake Sufficient?

August 17, 2015By Dale KleinVocal Hygiene

  Depending on your location, your day-to-day outdoor temperature varies…however many of us are currently undergoing a heat wave.  As I write this post, it’s 90 degrees in New York, especially if you factor in the relative humidity.  Now that’s hot! Whether or not you’re a fan of this weather, it’s vitally important to ensure … Read More

We Wear So Many Hats!

August 3, 2015By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism

Many of us link our title to our identity; think about what’s on your business card or what the nameplate says on your desk or on your door.  But is that really accurate? When you reflect about the various roles each of us plays, irrespective of our specific title, you begin to realize how many … Read More