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Many of us link our title to our identity; think about what’s on your business card or what the nameplate says on your desk or on your door.  But is that really accurate?

When you reflect about the various roles each of us plays, irrespective of our specific title, you begin to realize how many hats we actually wear!  Ask yourself if you need to:

1. Advocate for your team or your company?

2. Support your staff?

3. Lead your department in a project?

4. Sell the value of what you offer your employer?

5. Influence key members of your organization?

6. Solicit funds or backing?

7. Negotiate with internal or external stakeholders?

8. Present your ideas in a compelling manner?

What else can you add to this list?  

The point is that even if we don’t realize it, we’re all speakers and we must communicate to our best ability with diverse individuals.  So no matter what your title happens to be…it behooves you to think of the many hats you wear.  When you do, you’ll quickly realize that how you communicate makes a difference!

If any of the items listed above seems daunting, please know you’re not alone.  As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, I’m ready to assist you so feel free to contact me.


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