Whether we’re talking with friends, family, prospects or clients…we’re all capable of boring others to tears, aka being the “Snoozer.” Alternatively, we can interact in such a way that encourages communication, aka being the “Schmoozer.” Which one of these terms best describes you?  If you’re uncertain, please continue reading.

Typical Snoozer Communication Behaviors:

*Inconsistent eye-contact

*Distracting body language (e.g. fidgeting, leg shaking)

*Often begins with the word “I”

*Tends to be long-winded

*Dominates the conversation

*Sounds rehearsed or canned

*Presents his or her business card without obtaining your permission

*Rarely follows-up with you

Typical Schmoozer Communication Behaviors:

*Maintains an appropriate eye-gaze with you

*Appears prepared and eager to interact

*Asks you open-ended vs. close-ended questions

*Actively listens to your response; asks you interesting follow-up questions

*Speaks considerably less than you

*Only offers his or business card after ensuring you’re interested in receiving it

*Seems genuinely interested in you and offers assistance

*Makes good on any promises (e.g. sending you information you requested, scheduling another conversation, making a helpful introduction)

Although these communication behaviors are the tip of the iceberg, they give you a head start on carefully evaluating how you rate when it comes to being the dreaded snoozer vs. the desired schmoozer.

As I’ve often mentioned to my clients, it’s never too late to enhance your communication skills. What matters most is your level of motivation and buy-in.  The rest can be modeled and taught; that’s what I do best.  When it comes to our continued success, we’re all at risk for turning into the snoozer so why not take the necessary steps to ensure you’re the schmoozer!

It promises to be… A Sound Investment.



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