We’re all pretty oriented toward the concept of having customers (aka as clients) in the business world.  Taking that a step further, we know that our customers range from those that are external to those that are internal.

In most of the industries in which I consult, the focus tends to be largely on the external customer and yet we often lose sight of the internal customer.  To be sure we’re on the same page, anyone with whom we work, whether in another department or division, is a colleague and therefore an internal customer.  Although this probably makes sense to you, it’s all too easy to forget, especially in our day-to-day interactions.

With this understanding, one of our key internal customers/clients is our supervisor or boss.  This relationship is essential to our ongoing success, however for some of us it may be frustrating or at times even intimidating.  If that describes how you feel, I have good news!  Your relationship with your supervisor can improve if you focus on how you communicate.

Ask yourself how well you know the answers to these 7 questions:

1.  How often does your supervisor expect to receive updates from you?

2. What is your supervisor’s preferred mode of communication?

3. Does your supervisor tend to be detail or big-picture oriented?

4. What are your supervisor’s top three business priorities?

5. What does your supervisor expect from you?

6. How can you help your supervisor succeed?

7. Do you let your supervisor know what guidance you most need?

Any relationship, whether professional or personal, is subject to ups and downs. The only way to build and grow the relationship you have with your supervisor is to recognize that this person is your customer and make communication your priority.

Want to learn more about how to have a productive relationship with your supervisor? Contact me and I’ll be glad to assist you.


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