The Beauty of the Breath

October 26, 2015By Dale KleinBreathing

How well do you breathe? While it may sound like an odd question, it’s actually essential in determining how well you communicate. Having coached clients since 1994, it’s more and more common for me to hear clients complain about how they sound.  What surprises them is when we turn our attention to their breathing. Naturally, … Read More

Your Day of Discovery Starts Now

October 12, 2015By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Internal Dialogue|Interpersonal Communication|Motivational|Public Speaking

                  For some, October 12th marks Columbus Day.  However, eight cities, starting with Berkeley, CA, have now renamed this date as Indigenous People’s Day. This reflects the controversy surrounding how history has traditionally depicted Christopher Columbus and sheds a different perspective on his role. Regardless of what you … Read More