Picture yourself driving and coming across a detour or roadblock.  How does that make you feel?  Maybe you said annoyed, frustrated or hassled.  We’ve all been there at one point or another.  Okay, now ask yourself what you do when you encounter a detour or roadblock.  Chances are you make an effort to get past whatever is in front of you so you can move on and reach your destination. Sound about right?

For many of us, our communication is like a detour or roadblock.  It definitely gets in our way and restricts us from reaching our professional goals like interviewing for a new job or promotion, networking in business settings, or delivering a presentation to internal staff or external clients/prospects.  Once again you may feel annoyed, frustrated, hassled or maybe hopeless.

What if you took a different perspective on the situation?  Instead of assuming that communication is the obstacle…is it possible that you are your own barrier? Much like driving, we usually have choices we can make.  Hopefully the choice we select helps us reach our desired destination.  When it comes to life, we unknowingly may become our own barrier vs. best friend.  Unfortunately, that choice doesn’t produce positive results and even worse may keep us feeling stuck or hopeless.  As a communication & speech specialist, I frequently meet professionals who appear paralyzed by their own fear and as a result they’ve created barriers to achieving their goals.

Good news—please don’t despair. You can turn this around and learn to become your own best friend.  The only requirement is patience and motivation.  If you bring that, I’ll do my part to offer you communication techniques that will make a difference and help you get to your destination.

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