Much has been written about the benefits of laughter.  If that’s the case, it’s natural to assume it’s advisable to be funny when we give a presentation.  But not so fast; there are several risks to consider when it comes to humor.  Try my True/False quiz:

1. T  F   Best way to tickle the funny bone is by starting your presentation with a joke.

2. T  F   Humor is universal.

3. T  F   Some of the best sources for humor are joke books or watching comedians.

4. T  F   You can tell how funny you are by the degree of laughter you receive.

5. T  F   Being humorous is the way to warm-up people, whether or not it’s relevant.

6. T  F   When it comes to being funny, just be natural and speak off the cuff.

Believe it or not, the correct answer to each of these six statements is false.  If you’re interested in hearing why and learning more about this important topic, you may wish to tune in to the podcast I’ll be creating this weekend on July 2, 2016.  Hope you’ll be among my many listeners.

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