Plagiarism Hurts Everyone…Especially You!

July 20, 2016By Dale KleinHonesty

  The act of plagiarizing is risky business and hurts everyone…especially you.  It’s best to avoid this behavior at all costs even if it occurs unintentionally.  Think of it this way–it’s analogous to stealing from someone.  Is it really worth exposing yourself or your organization to potential legal ramifications as well as damaging your reputation? … Read More

Talk to be Heard!

July 14, 2016By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism|Value

  Self-talk has its place…however most of the time, especially at work, it’s vitally important to feel that when we talk, others truly hear what we’re saying. If you’ve ever encountered the situation where you know your lips are moving but you get the sense the other person or people aren’t listening, it’s incredibly frustrating! … Read More

The Best Negotiators are Savvy Communicators

July 7, 2016By Dale KleinNegotiations

    When many of us hear the words negotiation or negotiate, we’re inclined to think about sitting across the table from others and working out the terms of a deal or transaction.  And in some cases this is accurate. However, when you stop and consider our day-to-day interactions in both our personal and professional … Read More