Many of us are impacted by what we hear meaning that we’re inclined toward auditory vs. visual stimuli. Does that describe you or someone you know?

When creating a podcast you’re working in an auditory mode and yet you may want to enhance what your listeners hear. Two areas for your consideration are:
1. Use of sound effects
2. Use of an introduction conducted by someone other than you

Here is my advice.
If you opt to use sound effects be sure you’ve obtained necessary licensing to do so within copyright laws. This protects you and your business. Also, be selective with your choice of sound effects and use them deliberately so you don’t run the risk of creating a distraction to your topic. For example, you may want to introduce the sound effect in your opening and then incorporate it in the body of your podcast to punctuate or emphasize your point.

Regarding your introduction, it sometimes is effective to be introduced by another person. If you do so, again be selective and use an experienced voice over talent. This person should have a voice that is easy to listen to and one that is distinctly different from yours. One option is also to choose a different gender. Another important point is to keep your introduction short and sweet and clearly something that compels your listeners to want to hear what you’re going to offer them. If this isn’t clearly spelled out, your listeners will tune you out.

This is a good beginning although it’s the tip of the iceberg. Ready to start podcasting? Give me a call and let’s get started.