When I ask my clients and prospects what they do to prepare for their varied speaking demands…they’re often surprised by my question. A frequent retort is “I don’t have any time to prepare so I wing it.” In my opinion “winging it” is equivalent to setting yourself up to fail. So what’s the solution? In a word: preparation, which means think time.

In any given week do you participate in:
1. conference calls
2. internal meetings
3. external client meetings
4. networking opportunities
5. presentations
6. interviews
7. board meetings
8. written communication (emails or reports)

If any of these are on your calendar you’ll achieve a higher level of success if you prepare by ensuring you have think time on your schedule. You may want to start by reserving 15 minutes per day and consider it much like an appointment you need to keep. Eventually you may want to expand the 15 minutes into 20 minutes. The point is that it’s there to give you much needed space to do any of the following:*research *reflect *read *question *outline *rehearse Each of these behaviors is a form of thinking.

The more you allow yourself think time the more prepared you’ll be. Preparation definitely helps us feel more confident so we’re not winging it. This is a clear path toward your ongoing success.

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