Picture yourself with one of your prospects. Do you feel like you know how to hold the reins? If so, chances are far greater that you’ll have a positive encounter. Quite often we don’t take control of the reins or even give it consideration and then we’re baffled when the outcome isn’t what we anticipated. Here are some questions to ask yourself prior to your next interaction with a prospective client:

1. What image do you hope to convey?
2. Have you educated your staff about how to welcome and interact with prospective clients electronically, on the phone and in-person?
3. Have you observed your staff to ensure their approach is consistent with your expectations?
4. Have you taken the time to look at your physical environment which includes your lobby or waiting room, your restroom and your office? Do these all give off the right message?
5. How do you prepare for any meeting with your prospect whether by phone or in-person? This includes doing your homework in advance so you’re ready to ask insightful questions.
6. Have you ensured that your calendar is updated with all scheduled prospect appointments and contacted these individuals to confirm?
7. Do you have refreshments readily available to offer your prospects (e.g. water, tea, coffee, fresh fruit)?
8. What are your next steps with your prospect once the call or meeting concludes?

By carefully considering each of these areas you’ll be much more likely to have a successful outcome with your prospects (as well as your existing clients). The reason is simple…you hold the reins!