Trust Starts With You

August 25, 2017By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Communication Style, Business Etiquette|Communication Style|Habits|Networking|Special Occasions

When you listen to someone else you may have several positive reactions such as…you’re receptive, interested or maybe you agree with what you’re hearing.  In each instance a common theme is that the person speaking has created a sense of trust, which is of paramount importance. That only happens when that individual believes in him … Read More

Fitting In…at what cost?

August 12, 2017By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Professionalism, Communication Style|Distractions|Interpersonal Communication|Job Success|Time

As you may recall, I opened my practice in 1994. Ever since then I’ve heard a few questions raised repeatedly. Typically my response has remain unchanged but let’s see why. Today while conducting a 1/2 day business communication workshop, I presented the topic of Vocal Image Profile (V.I.P.). Of the 7 elements I present when … Read More

Solutions for Presenting Complex Information

August 2, 2017By Dale KleinUncategorized

If you’re anything like me, you know the challenge of trying to explain complex or complicated information in a more easily understood manner. It can be done as long as we’re willing to take the time to research creative ways to present with simplicity. Albert Einstein said it best with these words: “If you can’t … Read More