We’re all consumers and at some point I’m guessing you’ve had similar experiences to what I’m about to describe.  Based on my encounters both in-person and by phone, it appears that poor communication is steadily on the rise…would you agree?  The more I review what’s transpired, I’m inclined to think it’s the result of training staff to NOT think but instead to follow a script.  The inherent problem is this just doesn’t work!

And now on to my examples, which are far too many to include so I’ll offer a brief sample:

  1. Called a bank  inquiring about a mortgage refund I’m owed.  I was told it would be deposited into my bank account.  When I pointed out I never had an account with this bank, the response was they would mail my refund but to the home I no longer live in!  I offered to provide my new address and was told I had to physically go to a branch to supply this information.
  2. Went into a local bank to pay school taxes and was told I had to return two days later when the taxes were due since they couldn’t take the money any sooner even though I had the money right then.
  3. Went to add cell phone minutes right from my phone which I’ve always done.  I received an error message with no additional information.  I ended up investing at least an hour online plus a couple of phone calls to unravel the issue.

The list goes on and on but the problem is the same.  When staff are “trained” to address customers they tend to only know one approach and simply aren’t empowered to think on their own and problem-solve in a customer-oriented manner.  This results in frustration and lack of productivity and doesn’t need to occur.  The solution is empowering staff to think…it truly will pay off!