My readers are quite diverse, however we all have at least one thing in common–we were all kids!  Now many of you have your own children so you know all about pretending.  One of the ways children like to pretend is by having an imaginary friend (or super hero).  Seems like child’s play however there’s actually value to adults as well.

This week a business person told me he was giving a presentation to his company leadership and they were expecting him to begin by explaining his role…to a child.  What an interesting assignment and yet quite challenging.  He asked for my assistance in accomplishing this so I put my creative juices to work.

Realizing that many children have an “imaginary friend” I gave this a lot of thought in terms of the qualities that would appeal to children.  Next I compared this to the job description of the business person and began looking for similarities.  Some of the qualities I came up with were: always being supportive, listening, problem-solving and helping grown-ups feel better about their business.  Next I discussed this concept with the business person and encouraged him to use a photograph of his two children as a back drop.  Additionally, I wrote out the verbiage so the delivery was just right.

The more I thought about this I realized we should all try this exercise and determine the key elements of our job and then find a child-like analogy to apply.

See if this works for you…as always, I’m happy to help.