As a Corporate and Communication Speech Specialist, the most frequent concern my clients ask me to address is their fear or stress related to public speaking.  Many of us have been there so perhaps you can relate.  Even if you don’t have stress emanating from public speaking, maybe you’re coping with…procrastination, deadlines, financial concerns, or your personal health.  I’m sure the list may seem endless.

In an effort to assist the clients I coach I’m always open to techniques that potentially offer relief.  Recently in one of my yoga classes, the instructor used the technique of tapping.  In an effort to learn more about this I did some research, which brought me to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  One of the practitioners I read about and watched is Julie Schiffman who discussed not only how to tap but its benefits…in particular for public speakers.  Additional research conducted at Harvard substantiates the value of EFT.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. EFT is a technique easily learned which uses the natural meridians or pressure points in our body.
  2. The recommended pressure points are: side of the hand (referred to karate chop area), top of the head, eyebrow bone (inner section of brow closest to the nose), temple area (bone by the side of our eye), under the eye, under the nose (just above the lips), chin, collar bone, on the back just under the armpit, inner wrists.
  3. Ms. Schiffman discusses the set-up phrase to say while tapping the side of your hand and then progresses through lightly tapping each of the aforementioned areas.
  4. This is a venting technique that acknowledges and accepts what we’re experiencing which allows us to release the stress and not feel so consumed or overwhelmed by it.

This seems worth trying and I plan to use it first and then share it with those I coach if applicable and if they’re interested.  To learn more you can view Ms. Schiffman on YouTube.