Many of us realize that the list of nominees for the 90th Oscar awards is now established. Whether this matters to you or not isn’t the point. What’s most important is understanding that accepting any type of award goes hand-in-hand with an acceptance speech. So why not sound your best? Too often this isn’t the case when it comes to Hollywood! What a shame.

When it’s your turn to be nominated and possibly awarded with any form of recognition, consider it an important honor. While you’re at it, here are some additional recommendations:

1. Ask exactly how much time is allotted for your remarks. Stay within this time frame so that you demonstrate respect for your audience as well as any other award recipients.
2. Think about who will be in the audience and gear your remarks around what will have the most positive impact on them.
3. Plan out your key speaking points. Winging it won’t work and it certainly is far too risky.
4. Thanking everyone on your list is unnecessary so simply avoid this all too common error.
5. Keep your emotions in check. While it’s normal to feel passionate, excited or nervous, you don’t have to publicly share these feelings and let them overwhelm you.
6. Speaking of emotions, monitor your rate of speech as well as your articulation. When we allow our emotions to consume us, we’re prone to rapid speech as well as mumbling. What good is speaking if no one can understand you?
7. Ensure you practice out loud so you get comfortable delivering your message in the allotted time frame and sound authentic.

In summary, accepting an award deserves thoughtful preparation so it’s a memorable experience both for you and those listening to you.