Communicate with Competitors

February 16, 2018By Dale KleinCommunication Style, Communication Style|Distractions|Interpersonal Communication|Job Success|Time, Communication Style|Goal-Setting

When you hear the words competitor or competition…what comes to mind? No matter what your industry is, we all have competition. As long as you keep updated about your competition, you’ll be well-prepared. If you view your competitor as the enemy, you’re probably missing key information which could be detrimental in the long run. This … Read More

Collaboration Requires Communication

February 2, 2018By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Communication Style

What does collaboration mean to you? How regularly do you collaborate? If these seem like challenging questions to ponder, you’re definitely not alone. If collaborating was easy it’s safe to say we’d see more of it. Now the critical question: Why is collaboration infrequently implemented? Well one reason is that it requires communication and that’s … Read More