In case you’re unfamiliar with the acronym FOMO, it stands for Fear Of Missing Out.
So do you or does someone you know have FOMO?

If you’re unsure, some common behaviors include:
frequently checking your account on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email, and constantly attending to your cell phone activity. Probably sounds familiar but you may have written it off as your desire to simply stay connected and be in the know. Yes, that does sound better, however it often means we’re concerned that something else is happening that we must know about at that moment and possibly choose it over what we’re currently doing. This is when problems ensue.

To me, this means we’re unfocused, which is a clear sign of not being fully present. Among the potential negative impacts is that our communication suffers. Why is that? Well here are some possibilities:

1. Eye-contact is significantly reduced
2. Attention span is fragmented due to multi-tasking
3. Listening is greatly diminished
4. Fluidness of conversing in a meaningful way is impacted
5. Sending a negative message that something or someone has more priority

Given the barrage of technology, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is probably here to stay. While there are multiple benefits to technology, it’s time to consider the downside when it comes to your communication. Through communication coaching, you can learn effective techniques to address the aforementioned, so what are you waiting for?

I’m happy to help you and your staff put FOMO in its place.