As tempting as it is to place less importance when communicating on the phone, I don’t ever recommend doing so. We often think because the visual element is gone (you can’t see your caller and your caller can’t see you), that the importance of how we come across is reduced. While the visual element may be gone, if we place less value on phone communication, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the prospect or customer is also gone.

Here are a few problematic phone communication examples I’ve encountered very recently:
1. The person who answered the phone was completely unintelligible when stating the company name as well as his own name.
2. The person who answered the phone had a very gruff manner and came across as almost annoyed that someone was calling.
3. The person said: “Can I put you on hold for a quick 2 secs?” Reality is I was actually on hold for a full 2 minutes!
4. The person with whom I spoke referred to me as “hon” multiple times rather than using my name which I’d provided in a previous voicemail message as well as when I returned the call.
5. The person offered to call me back regarding a specific issue and actually promised to call on a specific date and then never fulfilled her promise.
6. The person returned my call and left a phone number to call her back, which was incorrect.

My question to you is:
Can you or your staff relate to any of these errors in phone communication? Hopefully you haven’t been on the receiving end. The bigger issue is have you or your staff exhibited any of these ineffective phone communication behaviors? We all make mistakes now and then, including how we communicate on the phone. When you’re ready to resolve this problem, let’s discuss it and set up training for effective phone communication in business. It’s vitally important.

Can’t wait to hear from you!