For some, change is scary. It represents making a choice and taking a chance. Typically there are no guarantees, which in part is why some individuals avoid change. But is that wise? Perhaps not.

One of the reasons I enjoy being a communication coach is that it’s an opportunity to learn from my clients. Among the many learnings I’ve experienced is that my clients often turn to a friend, colleague or family member to seek an opinion on how they (my client) sound. While this may make sense to you, it’s not necessarily going to serve you well. What I mean is if while practicing your speech, you ask your spouse how you sound, you’ll most likely get general comments (“It was good.”). If you ask your work mates how your presentation came across, you’ll most likely get a positive remark (“You nailed it.”) In some cases your child may even say “You were kind of boring.”

Whether constructive or complimentary, do these remarks help you improve, if warranted? Probably not, plus how do you even know if the comment is accurate? This is a dilemma many of us encounter.

The solution is to work with a qualified communication coach. While there are many people who may fit the bill, ask questions like:
1. How long have you been a communication coach?
2. What are your qualifications to do this type of coaching?
3. What approach do you use with your clients?
4. What types of results do you help your clients achieve?
5. Where can I read some of your client testimonials or hear you speak?

Working with a qualified communication coach will help you achieve your goals and you should expect a return on investment. Making this decision is part of your professional development so you want the best since this is what you deserve. I understand that change is scary since you’re taking a chance but the choice is yours.