Think about the impact you have at work, in your personal life, or in your community. We’re always having an impact, even if we don’t realize it. Our impact can either be positive or negative. Recently I read an article in Forbes Magazine that offered 16 ways in which we can choose to have an impact. How many of them have you tried or are you at least willing to try?

1. Think Like The Customer: Identify pain points for your customer.

2. Ask How You Can Help: Select an area in which you can have the biggest impact. Then ask key players in that area how you can best help them by using your skills, expertise and time.

3. Look At The Budgets: Look at an approved budget which will identify priorities based on resource allocations. Determine possible solutions to any of these items.

4. Inject Personal Passion Into Company Goals: Identify key initiatives that are aligned with your expertise. Develop a solution or plan where you can offer a meaningful contribution.

5. Conduct a 360-Degree Assessment: Enlist feedback from key stakeholders regarding your skills and possible blind spots. Then seek available growth opportunities.

6. Carve Out Scheming and Dreaming Time: Dedicate time to exploring and meeting with individuals across the company. Then test out your new ideas.

7. Have More Face-To-Face Conversations: Instead of hiding behind your phone, uncover new ideas by meeting with leaders, clients, colleagues and clients. Find out how you can help them achieve their goals.

8. Volunteer For New Opportunities: Start saying yes to new projects or where help is needed. Become part of the solution.

9. Think Like An Entrepreneur: Start asking yourself “If this was my company, what would I do?” Offer your advice, where appropriate.

10. Offer Insights On Customers, Competitors, Colleagues and Cautions: Vigilantly scan the environment for information in any of these areas and then share your observations.

11. Create Start, Stop, and Continue Action Lists: Take specific company topics and then brainstorm in each of these three ways to see what you can offer for improvement.

12. Take A Class: Step out of your comfort zone to not only learn something new but to get exposed to different people and their perspectives.

13. Try Journaling: Spend 15 minutes daily writing down what went well today, what went poorly today and what do I need help with. Track this over a 90-day period and use it for a meaningful discussion with leadership.

14. Bring The Little Things To Leadership’s Attention: Make a note of what you hear, learn or experience in the trenches with customers and then shed light on it with your supervisor.

15. Volunteer For Company Causes: Find out what your company deems as essential in its outreach to the community. Everything you do will help provide insights into your capabilities.

16. Be A Catalyst For Change: Think about collaborating and acknowledging the contributions of others.

Based on this list, you can see that impact starts with you and size truly doesn’t matter. Starting now, how will you communicate your impact?