Today I met with another business professional and among the topics we discussed was rejection. The reality is that although rejection typically doesn’t feel good to most of us…it’s a natural part of being in business, especially as an entrepreneur.

Having started Profitable Speech in 1994, I’ve certainly had my share of rejection. What’s changed from then to now is my attitude. By that I mean I’m no longer fearful of rejection and I rarely let it hold me back. In fact, I’ve come to expect it. Here’s how I manage it:

1. I don’t believe rejection is a personal affront.

2. I use rejection to learn and improve.

3. In my experience, rejection gives me an opportunity to be creative about what I’m offering.

When I hear “no” I do my best to repackage what I’m offering to better meet the needs of my prospect. I often tell potential clients that my proposal is a tool to achieve their expectations. That means that any proposal can usually be modified once I know and understand what needs to be changed.

This attitude has served me extremely well over the years because it helps me feel confident in my business interactions. It also keeps my fear in check because I believe I can be instrumental in assisting others as long as I ask the right questions and actively listen to their responses. One way to look at rejection is simply that more work is warranted to get to “yes.”

How do you handle rejection? I’m always interested in learning from you so please feel free to share your experiences.