Too often the clients I coach who want to improve their daily business communication find they come up quite short regarding their own success. Largely, this is due to lack of strategy.

While researching this topic, I came across a helpful website by Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D. The interesting part of this website is that Dr. Copeland states the tool she created may be applicable to many aspects of our lives, including specific concerns that arise. The more I processed this approach the more I could see it being of value to many clients with whom I work. See what you think.

Without strategy, any success we achieve is haphazard vs. being planned. Here are some steps I suggest as you consider creating your strategies for improving your business communication:

1. Assess your motivation; how important is it to you to make improvements?

2. Describe what you’d like to achieve; what needs to change?

3. Determine your strengths; what do you believe is working well?

4. Seek feedback; what do others think of your communication skills?

5. Create resources; where can you add value whether it’s through articles, books, mentors, coaches?

6. Stay focused; how can you eliminate distractions that will deter your progress?

7. Set time frames; when do you think you can reasonably expect to achieve outcomes?

8. Revisit your strategy; how will you evaluate your progress and know when to modify your approach?

9. Recognize change; what are telltale signs you can notice?

10.Reward yourself; how will you pat yourself on the back as you start to experience success?

These 10 suggestions are an excellent place to begin your strategies for success. You’re welcome to contact me to discuss this further, whether it’s for your or someone who works for or with you.