Sometimes we tend to overlook what we’re grateful for but we can change that. In fact, research shows that being grateful creates positivity, which helps us feel more hopeful, productive and successful. Pretty fascinating to think it all stems from our attitude.

Many clients I’ve coached to sound their best lack this attitude of gratitude especially when it comes to public speaking. Here’s a start with 11 items you may wish to add to your list. Are you grateful for…

1. Being asked to address a group of individuals?

2. Having a topic of interest to share with others?

3. Carving out time to research your topic?

4. Creatively structuring your message so it’s easy to process?

5. Opening and closing your remarks in a unique style?

6. Speaking with sufficient breath support?

7. Engaging your audience with your ideas and activities?

8. Using your whole body to communicate?

9. Ensuring any equipment you plan to use is in good working order?

10. Anticipating questions that may be asked?

11. Following up as warranted, to add to your credibility?

An attitude of gratitude is a big win for any public speaker and will reap huge dividends for your audience. Why not start today and build your own list so you can review it regularly. I guarantee you’ll be grateful you did.