Do you have magnetic communication and if not how does that happen anyway? Tough question but one worth contemplating, don’t you think?

Today I read an article from The Muse titled: 7 Better Ways to Answer “What do you do?” Since I’ve had the privilege of assisting many clients with this challenging business communication task, I was naturally drawn to this article. Everything that was stated made sense so I want to share it with you in this blog.

The seven points were:
1. Talk about how you help people {start by saying “I help people” and show your value right away}
2. Tell an anecdote about your job {add context to what you do to bring more meaning than a job title}
3. Make it a teachable moment {educate people by telling them something they may not know about what you do}
4. Be vulnerable {part of building a relationship is telling something about your journey or your goals}
5. Be relevant (it’s not all about you so tell something that may resonate or help your listener}
6. Let your freak flag fly {focus on what truly lights you up about what you do}
7. Be self-promotional {don’t be shy so open up about what you’re really good at doing}

You have permission to have magnetic communication; it’s a great goal for all of us. It goes way beyond stating your title and risking a perception connected to a stereotype. We’re all good at something and hopefully passionate about what we do. Now is the time to let it all out and know that it’s worth the risk of being bold.

Most people are drawn to that quality…kind of like a magnet! Need help? Let’s talk.