Here’s a fact that may surprise you…you can network at your gym or health club.  You’re there anyway so why not!

Today while working out at my gym on the treadmill, I turned to the person beside me and struck up a conversation.  This is an individual I’ve seen before but we’ve only exchanged a few platitudes until today.  Consistent with my communication style, I expressed interest in this person, who ended up telling me about a recent time he was asked to address a group of about 60 people.  He commented that he was extremely uncomfortable in this role.  He went on to say that rather than fuss with the cordless microphone, he opted to speak with a loud voice and was confident he was heard by all.

I asked several open-ended questions, leading him to ask “What do you do?” and of course I was prepared.  His response was “Could’ve used you!”  Our conversation focused on amplification and I shared that when addressing a group of that size, simply speaking in a loud voice, isn’t ideal for a couple of reasons.  The first is that some listeners may have found it challenging to hear him easily, especially if the acoustics of the room weren’t suitable or they had a hearing loss but weren’t aware of it.  Second reason for amplification is to preserve the speaker’s voice, also known as vocal hygiene.  Our voice needs to last for our entire lifetime so the more we take care of it the better off we’ll be in the long run.

As our time on the treadmill came to an end, we wrapped up our conversation.  We both walked away knowing more about one another, which is the whole rationale behind networking.  Additionally, the person to whom I spoke now knows more information about the benefits of amplification and may reconsider next time.  At least I hope so.

The better question is…”Did you know?”  Can’t wait to speak with you.