When I coach clients who are seeking to improve their presentation skills, I often refer to adding their 1, 2 punch! Do you know what I mean?

Your 1,2 punch may differ from mine which is exactly what should happen. The main point is that you want to deliver something extra, maybe even unpredictable. By doing this you increase what I refer to as your Stand Out Factor. It’s what definitely adds some spice or variety to your message and makes you memorable to your audience. After all, no one wants to be easy to forget and yet that’s often the case.

Let’s try an experiment–since we’ve all been an audience member at some point in time, what positive aspect do you most remember about a speaker you heard? Do you recall any particular 1,2 punch that stood out for you?

Here are some examples:

1. Was there a unique build-up prior to the presentation? {e.g. exciting countdown, pre-presentation video or exercise}

2. Was there a captivating opening? {e.g. startling statistic, meaningful anecdote, thought-provoking quote}

3. Was there an opportunity for engagement? {e.g. surveys/polls, small group or partner-pairing exercises}

4. Was there a helpful demonstration in which you were encouraged to participate?

5. Was there a powerful call-to-action?

6. Were you stimulated or moved by what you experienced?

I’m sure you can add to this list but it’s a good place to begin for developing your 1,2 punch. And when you do, you’ll quickly realize the incredible impact you can have on your listeners. In fact, they’re counting on you so go out there and deliver!