How many times have you thought you had a pleasant expression on your face but didn’t sound like you did?  This is far more common than you may realize whether you’re on the phone, a conference call, on-camera or even face-to-face.

The reason this is important is because what we show on our face or with our posture is often mirrored in how we sound.  Let’s say for example you’re on a conference call and feeling bored or perhaps frustrated but don’t realize how you look.  You may furrow your eyebrows, squint your eyes, frown or sit in a hunched over posture. Then when you verbalize… you sound the way you look!  That’s far from ideal but now you can change that for the positive with an easy solution.

It’s as simple as having a mirror within reach into which you can periodically glance to see what your non-verbal language is conveying before you speak.  Most of us are unaware that our voice takes signals from our body and therefore the way we look comes across when we communicate. I’ve used this technique when coaching some of my clients who are interviewing on the phone or with clients who work in a call center.

This way when you’re on the phone, the Internet or conducting a webinar, you can sound your best.  So what does your mirror reflect?