This week I had a productive phone call with another business person.  Our focus was redesigning the format of a standing meeting with the goal of positively influencing the mindset of the meeting participants.  The problem, as I see it, is one of complacency which is why we decided to address : “What will you bring?” and listed several options from which people may choose—as long as they do indeed make a viable contribution to the meeting.  Hopefully we get buy-in.

The notion of what will you bring? got me thinking about my blog topic.  Given that I coach many public speakers it seems that most if not all of my clients believe that all they need to bring to their audience is their presentation.  Seems logical and yet it’s actually not enough.  Think of it from the perspective of your listeners.  They assume you’ll bring your content/expertise.  It’s what they don’t think about that you want to focus on such as:

  1. Relevant stories or examples of your speaking points
  2. Engaging style of opening your presentation
  3. Transitions that are helpful
  4. Periodic summary or recap of what’s already been discussed
  5. Interactive activities
  6. Meaningful props or demonstrations
  7. Helpful handouts for note taking
  8. Logical connections for next steps
  9. Inspirational call to action
  10. Confidence

You may have other ideas of what to bring but this is a good starting point worthy of your consideration.  Always ask yourself: What will I bring?  It’s a worthwhile question that yields valuable information.  Given that I often speak to groups of business people, I follow this advice and get a strong return on investment.

Can’t wait to hear from you.