What do you think of when you visualize a creative person?  Sometimes we think of an artist, or a dancer or maybe an inventor.  Perhaps those are indeed examples of creative people… but that doesn’t exclude you or me if our skills are different.

Creativity, like a paintbrush comes in different colors, shapes and sizes.  This means the potential exists for any of us to explore our creativity, if we so choose.  In fact, the opportunity to be creative knows no bounds!  Here are some examples for your consideration:

  1. Asking insightful questions
  2. Trying a novel task
  3. Exploring new ways of thinking about common challenges
  4. Learning from other people by finding out what’s worked for them
  5. Networking in unique venues
  6. Responding with a different approach
  7. Changing your style of communication
  8. Opening up your mind
  9. Increasing your receptivity
  10. Inviting meaningful feedback
  11. Encouraging input you may not have considered
  12. Thinking big
  13. Being mindful to your own and others’ needs
  14. Offering your assistance

Personally, I’ve used several of these ideas and had productive outcomes.  My guess is you can even add to this list and experience immense benefits.  How we define creativity is up to us, however allowing our creativity to have its own color is a significant first step.  Since you’re reading this post I recommend you review this list and see which ideas appeal to you and then determine which ones you’ll include in your day-to-day activities.

Let me know if you’d like any help with being a creative communicator.  It promises to pay off.