If you or your employer is not podcasting, I have one question for you: Why?

Podcasting is a tool I first began using in 2008. Now that it’s 2019 and I podcast monthly, that tells you something—it’s working!   This means that for the past 11 years, I’ve experienced the benefits of consistent podcasting, which include:

  1. Gaining confidence as a public speaker
  2. Increasing traffic to my website
  3. Enhancing the ability to market my expertise in communication
  4. Establishing stronger connections with my clientele
  5. Extending my reach, especially to prospects or potential clients
  6. Strengthening the brand of Profitable Speech
  7. Providing useful information to my listeners
  8. Reinforcing my message
  9. Building new opportunities for coaching and workshops
  10. Responding to the ongoing need for information on demand

Pretty good list…and I could easily go on.  Since this isn’t a new endeavor, you may be wondering what prompted me to choose this as this week’s blog topic.  Good question.  Here’s my answer.  This week alone, two individuals that I’ve known for several years came to me for these reasons:

a. seeking my feedback about the first podcast in which the person participated

b. wanting to grow a business and needing to know how to learn to podcast

Whether you can relate to these two examples or perhaps have your own reasons, I encourage you to consider the immense value of podcasting.  It’s extremely doable both from a cost and skill perspective.  In fact, you owe it to yourself to explore podcasting right now.  I guarantee you’ll reap benefits so feel free to contact me and let’s get you started.

By the way, I suggest you tune in to my podcast by visiting my website www.profitablespeech.com  and subscribing to Dale’s Delivery (my monthly newsletter).