Do you know what April 16th is known for?  It’s World Voice DayWell-known…no.  Important…yes.  By the way, the photo for this post is a vocal acoustic/sound wave.

All around our globe, World Voice Day is an acknowledgement of just how valuable our voice is and how vitally important it is to take care of our voice, aka vocal hygiene. Many of us probably take our voice for granted, which although understandable, is certainly not in our best interest.  After all, let’s remember that if we lose our capacity to vocalize we also lose our ability to communicate.  That includes in-person as well as on the phone.  Pretty limiting, don’t  you think?

Our vocal cords are housed in our larynx and are muscles, even though we can’t see them. Much the way we think about our arms (e.g. biceps) and legs (e.g. quadriceps), we must also include our vocal musculature.  Whether or not you’re athletic, you know it’s easy to misuse or overwork muscles in our body.  Well this also applies to our vocal cords.  Forms of misuse or abuse of our voice include: yelling, speaking for an extended period, using an incorrect pitch (too low or too high), frequent throat clearing, and speaking above noise (e.g. recreational event, while on an airplane, etc.).

Our voice needs to last us a lifetime.  This means it’s essential to take proper care of these muscles.  Please consider:

  1. Avoiding whispering when you have laryngitis
  2. Relocating to a quieter area or waiting to speak until you’re in a less noisy environment
  3. Getting vocal rest when you anticipate speaking for a lengthy/extended period of time
  4. Warming up your voice prior to a speaking engagement
  5. Limiting the use of an excessively loud speaking volume
  6. Ensuring you have sufficient hydration on a daily basis
  7. Seeking professional consultation when you have vocal symptoms or a change in your voice, lasting a couple of weeks, or experience any discomfort when speaking

In my business, I help my clients use their voice in a dynamic way to get the full impact of their message.  After all, this is what gets the attention of your listeners.  The first step is having a healthy voice so please use World Voice Day to attend to this right now.  Your voice will thank you!