Common Sense=Business Cents

May 24, 2019By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette

Last year I blogged about clients being like gold.  I offered 10 tips on this topic and certainly hope you found them helpful. Today I’m blogging about a related topic, which is having as well as using common sense when it comes to how we treat our clients and our prospects (potential clients).  At this … Read More

All About Hi and Bye

May 10, 2019By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Special Occasions

When you think about it, everything revolves around how we greet others at the outset and at the conclusion. It actually comes down to two words–we’re either saying hello and goodbye or hi and bye.  So much is behind these short phrases that it’s easy to take them for granted.  Here’s what I mean: When … Read More

Distractions are Distracting

May 3, 2019By Dale KleinInternal Dialogue|Motivational

For most of us, distractions are pretty distracting.  Do you agree?  Now let’s think about what’s on your list of distractions…how about: Noise Music Weather Loud conversations Time constraints Email Texts Malfunctioning technology Let’s not forget internal distractions… Illness Persistent symptoms of being under the weather Poor night’s sleep Unhealthy diet General fatigue Depression Anxiety … Read More