Last year I blogged about clients being like gold.  I offered 10 tips on this topic and certainly hope you found them helpful.

Today I’m blogging about a related topic, which is having as well as using common sense when it comes to how we treat our clients and our prospects (potential clients).  At this point, you may be thinking “Of course…who wouldn’t do this?”  That means that usually we have common sense but the challenge is using that common sense.  Let me explain further.

While out in my community I stepped into two retail stores, where I’ve previously made multiple purchases.  In the first situation, I walked into a clothing store and had an item I planned to try on and ultimately purchase.  With the dress in hand, I politely asked the owner if I may use the restroom prior to trying on the clothing.  The owner took the dress, placed it in a fitting room for me and then told me their restrooms were not for public use and directed me to a venue outside the store.  Is that common sense?  I don’t think so.

In the second situation, I stepped into a local store with a piece of jewelry that had been purchased there and inquired about how to clean it.  The salesperson asked me for a receipt, which I didn’t have, and then said she needed to check with the store manager.  After an extended period, the salesperson returned and said I could purchase a cleaning cloth.  Is that common sense?  I don’t think so.

Both of these examples made me feel like my being a customer/client wasn’t worthwhile.  It certainly gave me pause about continuing to do business at these two stores.  If they don’t have common cents to treat me with respect that communicates volumes.  I don’t think they value my business “cents.”