We can feel fear or anxiety over a variety of elements.  Perhaps you have a fear of flying, crowds, spiders…or even public speaking.  Naturally I’m in the business of working with many professionals who get anxious when it comes to speaking out loud whether to a small or large audience.  So I get it!

Some of us view our fear like a faucet (much like the photo in this post).  This means that we somehow believe we should be able to turn on or turn off our fear, as we would with a faucet.  Reality is that when it comes to fear, as much as this may surprise you, fear can be a positive force especially when we know how to manage and channel this common emotion.  This means that we don’t necessarily want to eliminate the feeling of fear because we assume it’s bad for us.

If you’re wondering what I mean…consider this.  When we’re hungry, we feel a slight discomfort in our stomach that tells us we need food. When we’re thirsty, it means we need to drink liquid. These are each important signals that tell us we need to take action.  And so it is with fear of public speaking.  It’s not that different from hunger or thirst.  Rather you can view it as a message worthy of your attention and a signal your brain is sending.

For starters, here’s how to manage your fear of public speaking:

  1. Adjust your breathing style (inhalations/exhalations)
  2. Use visualization techniques
  3. Implement progressive relaxation
  4. Practice out loud
  5. Get feedback on your delivery

As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, I implement each of these techniques to assist you in managing the fear of public speaking.  Good news…it works!  Please reach out to me with your needs about your fear faucet and let’s get started so you can achieve your goals.