No matter what time zone we’re in…it’s always follow-up time.  Unfortunately, most business people neglect to follow-up and then act baffled when business fizzles out.  If they do follow-up, it’s often not in a timely manner and the subsequent results are poor at best.

Now you may be wondering when follow-up time is warranted.  Good question.

Examples  are when you:

  1. Need to return a phone call in response to a voicemail you received.
  2. Have a meeting by phone and want to pursue next steps.
  3. Meet a professional at a networking event and want to keep the conversation going.
  4. Conduct a workshop and want to stay in contact with the attendees who are interested in your topic.
  5. Want to respond to an email you receive.
  6. Connect with a prospect via social media.
  7. Meet with a client and want to show ongoing interest in their progress.
  8. Receive a warm lead from someone who has recommended you.
  9. Want to express appreciation to someone who has offered you helpful information.
  10. Need to move a decision along that has not yet been resolved.

This is a partial list however I imagine you can extend it based on your day-to-day interactions.  However you opt to modify your list for follow-up time, I strongly recommend that you make it a top priority to follow-up.  As you can imagine, there are multiple reasons for following up so I’ll offer my favorites which include:

  • It’s the best way to form relationships.
  • It shows others you truly care.
  • It builds continuity.
  • It opens up immense potential and further information.
  • It’s a precursor to developing business.

We’d all agree we only have one reputation which we need to preserve.  In so doing, follow-up time is vitally important and says so much about who you are.

Please feel free to call me at 518-664-6004 if I may offer you assistance with your follow-up time.