As we approach 4th of July, many of us will see or partake in a display of fireworks.  The real question is this: Is Your Communication Sending Fireworks? 

If it isn’t…I strongly encourage you to revisit your message to make it more memorable.

If you’re wondering where to start, I’ll offer these 10 suggestions for your consideration:

  1. Have you prepared in advance?
  2. How passionate are you about your topic or message?
  3. Have you taken into account what matters most to your listener(s)?
  4. What question or questions will you be answering for your audience?
  5. Have you carefully reviewed your verbiage and eliminated industry jargon?
  6. Have you avoided the use of clichés and buzz words?
  7. How will you keep your remarks succinct?
  8. Have you determined which key words or phrases you’ll want to emphasize?
  9. How will you use your non-verbal language to support what you’re saying?
  10. How do you plan to engage your listeners so they feel they’re part of the message you’re conveying?

All too often we forget about sending fireworks when we communicate because we believe we simply don’t have the time to do so.  Maybe it’s time to reconsider your priorities and shift your communication to the top of the list.  When you do this, you stand a far greater chance of sending fireworks.  It’s well worth it so why not try it on the 4th of July and then make it a consistent part of your routine.  The results will be exceptional!