In a word…YES!  Mental rehearsal is not the same as audible rehearsal.

Here are the benefits of rehearsing aloud:

  1. Audible practice builds familiarity with your content.
  2. Hearing your own voice is vitally important to your ongoing success.
  3. Playback of your practice lets you hear firsthand where you excel and where you need to improve.
  4. Recording options are easier than you may think…for starters consider your phone or  your tablet.
  5. Short on time? You can chunk your practice and only practice one segment at a time as opposed to the presentation in its entirety.  I often repeatedly practice my opening and closing remarks. Since they’re usually no more than 1 minute in length, it can easily be achieved.  That’s a good feeling.
  6. Location an issue?  You can incorporate your practice into everyday tasks such as driving, showering, walking…you name it.
  7. Uncertain about benefits of practice?  Yes, it’s work but the more you practice out loud, you’ll see gains in your confidence level, improvements in your delivery and you’ll feel stronger when you actually present.
  8. Scheduling a concern?  Make an appointment with yourself to practice by initially putting it right on your calendar or your to-do list.  You can even set a reminder alarm. This increases the likelihood it’ll get accomplished, which leads to getting measurable results.
  9. Unsure of your focus?  You may decide to work on improving your timing, rate of speech, intonation, volume, or non-verbal language.  That’s a possible list of areas to target.

You’re always welcome to contact me at 518-664-6004 for help or additional ideas.  Here’s to sounding your best!